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A few notes… January 12, 2009

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I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent again.  I’ve got 2 little ones who are sick right now…one with a double ear infection and the other with a nasty bug.  I do have lots to share and will hopefully get some great stuff up here soon! 

I need to do a quick shout out to hubby – it’s his birthday today!  It’s been kind of boring day for him, so if you have something nice to say…can you leave him a comment? 

Have a great night!



Thankyou to Anonymous

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Jana asked me to post a “Thank You” to a certain someone from Pennsylvania that sent a gift to her mother.  The person mentioned reading this (see post about a fire that destroyed Jana’s Mother’s apartment and everything in it) post on my blog and sent the gift to help out Jana’s mother.

I have an idea who it was…THANKYOU Anonymous!!!