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She’s at it again… January 9, 2009

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Nope, not Brooke, but Jen.  My good buddy in Iowa.  Check out these great stars she just sent.





Can’t show you too much or you’ll know everything that’s going in our booth. ;-0


Since we’re talking about Jen, now seems like a good time to share some other goodies she sent me for Christmas…


How cute is this…




Remember me telling you about the birds I “lifted”?  Here are a couple of them…






I love to get packages from Jen…can you see why?

Since we’re talking about Christmas, how about I share a couple other favorite presents…





This was a recipe calendar that my SIL Kathy put together.  She pulled several of my grandma’s recipes and scrapped them in the calendar.  She even used some JB Soup paper for a couple of the pages.  Love it, Kathy.  Thank You!




Here are a couple of cute gift certificates that my husband made up…he even printed them on kraft. 🙂   It’s hard to see them in the pic…one is a gift certificate for “Date Nights Every Other Month”.  The cutest thing about it, is that in the fine print he wrote “non-transferable, not to be used by any other suitor”.  Love it! 


Thanks for looking folks.



4 Responses to “She’s at it again…”

  1. the barn stars turned out great!
    and that owl is TOOOO cute!

  2. jenifer harkin Says:

    Well, !’m glad that they got there in one piece! Thanks for giving me the warm fuzzies on this cold, cold, cold (did I say cold?) day!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Jen, where do you find the time? Lots of cute ideas. See you soon. Can’t wait to get to sunny CA. So, it’s cold in IA? Not too cold here, but we got dumped on the past 2 days — at least a foot of snow. CA here we come!

  4. Karen Nuce Says:

    Jen – the stars are awesome and will look so great in the booth at CHA….excellent job!!!

    Kathy – love the recipe calendar!!!

    Jill – Love the birds and really love the pics of the booth you sent. I know where you find the time…you probably don’t sleep as much as you should or watch much TV!

    What a creative trio you guys are…I better come up with something really cute SOON or you won’t let me hang out with you guys!

    By the way, Jill….Eric is unbelieveable with those coupons! The only thing he didn’t do that he should have was put them on JBS paper.

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