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Need some help…please read! December 23, 2008

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Jana (who posts here regularly and has become a friend via Jillibean Soup) posted this on her blog today…




My mom, brother, and his girlfriend’ lives are destroyed due to a massive fire that engulfed their apartment and is a total loss.


They have nothing besides what is on their backs; my mom didn’t grab her purse. They get by barely pinching pennies, barely paycheck to paycheck, this is just life shattering.

DH and me are so helpless. We can’t get home due to work. We have nothing to send them. We have no places they can go. They are homeless, broken. I am so anxious: can’t eat, can’t focus, been organizing everything just to keep my mind busy. This is absolutely awful. Why? the minute my mom gets a tiny bit ahead, her world always comes crumbling down. Why???? I just want to flick off the big guy sometimes.


First of all, if you pray…please pray for this family.  Next, I want to help Jana and her family.  I feel a calling to help so, I’m asking all of you if you have “stuff” to donate, whether it be used pots n’ pans, bedding, clothing or gift cards…I’m sure they can use it.  I know many of you live out of state…if you have the opportunity to send a gift card, I will get it to them.  I know times are tough right now, but atleast we have food on the table and clothes on our backs.  Whatever it is, I am taking the donations and will find a way to get it to them (they live inMinnesota).  


UPDATE: Gift cards can be sent directly to…


C. Prall
637 McFadden’s Trail
Eagan, MN 55123


This is Jana’s in-laws.  They will make sure Jana’s family gets the cards.


Thanks in advance for your generosity.




4 Responses to “Need some help…please read!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Jana – Your family is in our prayers. One gift card is on it’s way. Not much, but hopefully it will be a start. Have faith in “the Big Guy.” Merry Christmas!

  2. Jana Says:

    Thanks Jill! I appreciate you for this and for your readers’ generosity during this terrible time!!! All gifts will be considered blessings!

  3. Julie Says:

    I put a couple of gift cards in the mail today…what a tragic thing to happen. We lost our house in a fire when I was young and I still remember how awful it was. I am thankful that your family was safe!


  4. […] a certain someone from Pennsylvania that sent a gift to her mother.  The person mentioned reading this (see post about a fire that destroyed Jana’s Mother’s apartment and everything in it) […]

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