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Fun Bits for the Week December 23, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of December 15th…

  • First of all, I can’t believe I’m typing December 15th – yes, it’s even a week past that but where did 2008 go?  2009 – what? 
  • I attended the Columbus Scrappers’ (shout-out) ornament exchange get together last week.  I received this beautiful ornament from Lynn (I think…someone please correct me if I’m wrong).  She drew the scene on this ornament!  She’s incredibly talented.  Pics of her ornament below.  I, on the other hand, just gave a pre-made ornament (can you say “loser”). 


  • Brooke is attempting to say Kami now…it sounds more like “Mea, Mea”.
  • Kami using the word “actually” like a big girl.  “Actually, I don’t want any more peas”.  🙂 
  • Lily does not like this cold weather…she just shakes and shivers when she gets to the door.
  • Leah participated in a Nativity story at her enrichment class.  What a cute shepherd she makes!   She had a speaking part and did great!


  • Brookie…up to her old tricks (see below).




Take one bib out of the drawer…put it in a pile on the floor…get another bib…put it on the pile…get another bib…and the pile just keeps getting bigger.

Have a great week everyone!  Merry Christmas!!!



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