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One more giveaway… December 22, 2008

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How about this adorable stamp set for Hero Arts?  I’ll throw in some Jillibean Soup too (some cute tree/bird papers and goodies to go with them). 

Comments, hmmm…what should be talk about this time?  How about movies…what was your favorite movie of 2008.  I don’t get to see movies very often, so when I pick one…I want it to be good.  Anyone have any good recommendations?  Leave a comment and the winner will be picked via tomorrow at 9:00PM EST.  

Good Luck!



16 Responses to “One more giveaway…”

  1. I think the only movie I saw in a theater was Kung Fu Panda…heck I’m not even sure that was this year! It was a cute movie though.

  2. amandasue Says:

    Well I hardly ever watch movies, and usually if I do there with the kids, so I’d have to say Wall-E that was cute.

  3. Cass Says:

    Didn’t get to see many movies, but I enjoyed 27 Dresses.
    Have a fantastic Christmas! 🙂

  4. Dawn Says:

    I’d have to say 27 Dresses or Prince Caspian. Two opposite ends of the spectrum!

  5. bunny Says:

    This year, I loved Enchanted, Kung Fu Panda and Yes Man! 🙂

  6. jenifer harkin Says:

    I have yet to see it, but I’m sure the best one would be Twilight! I’ve heard from alot of my co-readers that it’s really good:) And, Jillsy, you know that I couldn’t put the book down!

  7. Erin Says:

    I also do not get to see movies much, but I loved 27 Dresses and What Happens in Vegas. Both very funny movies…

  8. lYNN jUDGE Says:

    The only movie i saw in 2008 (i know i dont get out much due to disability) was Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I took my nephew to see it and it was cute but not outstanding!!

  9. Anne House Says:

    I don’t think we went to the movies this year….how sad is that?! Dang…if I don’t win this, I might REALLY have to cry…*sniff*… 😉

  10. jent Says:

    ok, i can’t just pick one- the adultside of me loved twilight and the kid side of me loved high school musical 3!!both fab. movies !! thanks for a chance! jen t.

  11. Judy T Says:

    The only movies I got to see this past year in the theaters were Twilight and High School Musical 3. It’s fun seeing the movies with my girls and watching how much they enjoy them! Thanks for another great give away, Jill!

  12. Karen Nuce Says:

    Twilight!!! I have read the whole Stephanie Meyers series and the movie was great, true to the book but the book was even better. If you haven’t read them, give it a try in the new year!

  13. Bannon Says:

    The Dark Knight!

  14. Sue Christian Says:

    I saw a couple movies this year , can’t say either one was a favorite but I did see ” I am Legend ” on dvd and I really liked that one .

  15. Tanya Says:

    Hi Jill – what an awesome giveaway!!! I am still super keen on your products and SO excited to see lots of new things since last time I checked out your site 😉

    I’d have to say my fave movie for 2008 was the Sex and the City movie – I am the absolute HUGEST fan of the show and to see the movie was fantastic!!!!!!

  16. Heather Says:

    I can’t even remember what movies I saw this year… guess they weren’t too memorable… We did see Four Christmases this weekend and it was pretty cute!

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