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White Chocolate Crunch! December 15, 2008

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Yum!  Love this stuff!  Watch out cause’ it’s addicting!  Right Tracy?  This can be made and given away as gifts…




Wrap it up pretty and add a couple of Sprouts!


I’m sure everyone has been making some goodies lately…cookies, candy, snacks…yum, yum, yum!  I love the holidays!!!   I, too, have been making some goodies and thought I would share a few recipes.  If you have a favorite too, please feel free to leave a comment with it or a link to your favorites.


White Chocolate Crunch

3 c. Rice Chex
3 c. Corn Chex
3 c. Cheerios
3 c. pretzels
2 c. mixed nuts (I prefer peanuts)
12 oz. M & M’s
1 lb. white chocolate


Melt chocolate. Mix with Chex, Cheerios, pretzels, M&M’s and nuts. Continue to mix and break up until white chocolate is completely dry. 

5 Responses to “White Chocolate Crunch!”

  1. Jana Says:

    I had this last year and loved it! Thanks for posting the recipe!!!
    good to see you last night! hope you had fun!

  2. Tracy Says:

    You forgot to add your secret ingredient — I know there is something else in there that makes this totally addicting. I can’t stop eating!!!

  3. jenifer harkin Says:

    Great….just what I need….another addiction….I’ll be sure to wash it down with my diet pepsi:)

  4. jent Says:

    sounds yummy!!!! jen t.

  5. Karen Nuce Says:

    Thanks! I will be making this…I have heard you guys talking about it before. It looks great with a JBS sprout as a gift tag and that’s how I’ll be presenting it too!

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