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A visit from Santa… December 14, 2008

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Our friends host a Christmas party every year and it always involves a visit from Santa.  The kids were soooo excited.  They kept running to the door to see if Santa was coming and insisted they heard jingle bells.  It was so fun to watch them! 


Leah was very patient and waited her turn to sit on Santa’s lap.  She was a bit shy with Santa but did not have any problem telling him she wanted a violin and light-up Sketchers for Christmas.


Kami was so cute!  She jumped up when it was her turn and she ran over to Santa and jumped right up in his lap.  When asked what she wanted for Christmas, all she said was “presents”. 


Here’s a pic of Brooke in her pretty Christmas dress before the party.  Come Santa time, Brooke did not want anything to do with him!  When it was her turn to sit on his lap, she busted out the crying and screaming.  She wasn’t even interested in opening her present. 


Look at this crew of girls!!!  There were 3 boys at the party too.  Poor Nick was sick and stayed upstairs all night long. :-{  We’re lucky to have friends with kids of similar ages to our girls.  They all have a great time together and get along really well.

Thanks Kent and Tracy for a great party!



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