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Fun Bits for the Week December 8, 2008

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Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted some Fun Bits.  Here are some funnies from the last 2 weeks…

  • Today Kami was nuzzling with Mommy on the couch (Leah was at school and Brooke was napping).  She had her thumb in her mouth and was nuzzling against my side.  Hubby came up from the basement (where he works) and said “get that thumb out of your mouth”.  Kami’s response was “Daddy, go back to the basement” and she pointed for him to return to work!  Daddy doesn’t understand our affinities for finger sucking.  I used to suck on my two middle fingers, so I understand Kami’s need. 😉 
  • A young man called me “Sweetheart” as I drove through the drive-thru at McDonald’s the other day.  He was young enough to be my teenage son!
  • Leah and I were talking about the number of days until Christmas and she said “Wow, it’s only 19 days until we celebrate the birth of Jesus”.  See, sometimes they do listen to us!
  • Leah threatened to run Kami over with her toy riding car if Kami didn’t tell Mom she just broke the mirror off the car. 
  • Kami telling Leah she did a great job coloring.  Cute!
  • Kami insisting the she’s “toad” (cold) after her bath lastnight.  She has a hard time with “c”‘s…she says “t”‘s instead.  I hear words like “tarrots”, “tar”, “tup”, “tandy” and “tracker”.
  • Leah told me the other day that she wished she would not have told Santa that she wanted a violin and Sketchers.  She said she wished she could have this for Christmas…

  • We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Here’s some pics of Brooke helping…





Not really helping…just getting into everything!  She loved the shiny green and red ornaments.  The tree hasn’t been pushed over yet.  Did I mention Brooke’s into hats now?


Have a great week everyone!