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Brown Paper Bag Album December 7, 2008

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Yesterday, Karen and I did make n’ takes for B&B’s 2nd anniversary celebration.  Thank you everyone who made the trip in inclement weather.  I posted this mini-book last week and said I would post instructions this week.  I left a few of the kits at B&B and they will be available for purchase for $5.00.  Also, for you bloggers who are not local, if you would like a kit, send me an e-mail. 

Here’a pic of the finished album…instructions will follow.






To make the book, simply take 2 brown paper bags (lunch bags) and lay them out in opposite directions.  Put one on top of the other and fold together.  When it’s folded this way, you will create 2 pockets on the sides – we will add paper inserts for these pockets.






Next you’ll want to add 2 holes to bind your book with ribbon.  You can use any hole punch for this.




Add the ribbon and tie into a bow or knot.




Now we’ll start putting the pages together.  The first thing I did was ink all of the edges of my paper.  This is optional.  I used black ColorBox Catseyes  (see photo below) to do this.  To “ink”, I dab the ink pad down the edge of the paper.






Next, I ripped the edges (both edges) of the Black Bean paper.  This will be used on the front page and page 5 for the Sprout pocket.  If you do not have a tearing strip, you can rip by hand.  I recommend that you pull the paper towards your body while ripping. 




Next, you’ll add the Chopped Onion paper.  Then you’ll add your torn Black Bean paper as shown in the photo.  The scalloped title comes next. 




I added the red scallop first, then the star-Journaling Sprout (a package of red Sprouts are included with the kit).  Next comes the black scallop and the titles “Life’s Joy”.  The “Life’s” was made using the Dymo label maker and the “Joy” was cut with the “Opposites Attract” Cricut cartridge.  I also added some snowflakes throughout.  I used Martha Stewart’s snowflake punch for these.   Please note…all of these items are included in the kit.




Pages 2 and 3…add the Chopped Celery paper first.  Next, I added a mini brown bag for a pocket. I covered this with a little bit of JB Soup black polka ribbon, another Journaling Sprout and another snowflake.  The 2nd page can be used for adding photos.




Pages 4 and 5 are similar to the last page.  Add the Chopped Onion paper to page 5.  Then to create a pocket for the Sprout, I added the torn Black Bean paper and only used adhesive on the outsides and bottom of the paper.  This will create a pocket for the Sprout.  Add a snowflake to the Sprout.





Pages 6 and 7 have a small piece of the Pinch of Garlic Salt paper on page 6 with a black scallop and snowflake.  Photos can be added to the rest of the page.




The back of the book has Chopped Celery on it.


In addition to the pages, I added some inserts to the pockets. 






I used the Pinch of Garlic Salt paper and added a large red scallop for the tab – I added 2 of these for the 2 pockets.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


I also said I would be doing a giveaway if I had extra kits.  Soooo, how about another giveaway to include: the kit, the snowflake punch, some bling and a Dymo label maker (everyone needs one of these :)).

All you have to do is post a comment about snow – whether you like it, don’t like it or some other funny story. will pick the winner on Wednesday at 9:00pm EST. 

Good Luck!



18 Responses to “Brown Paper Bag Album”

  1. Jessica C Says:

    That is so cute. It is snowing her in Iowa today.

  2. Daria Says:

    Jana showed me her album today. I LOVE it!!

    I love when it first snows and everything is still white and pretty. But a few days later, when there’s black/gray snow everywhere…I could do without it!

  3. Lynn Judge Says:

    Love snow!! We had a bit last night and i am waiting for the first big snow of the year!!

  4. Jamie Dones Says:

    Very cute book Jill!

    I used to love snow, when it got me out of school and I could go sledding 🙂 But now I just kind of find it to be a pain.

  5. Jana Says:

    I like snow and my favorite memory of snow-time is boiling water and throwing it out the front door. it would freeze before hitting the ground. little ice balls would dot the snow covered front lawn….crazy minnesotans and their ooh-soo-cold winter fun!

    good to see you yesterday! thanks for the great M and T!

  6. Cass Says:

    Very cute album!

    I have only ever been in the snow once in my life, and I had to go all the way from Australia to Switzerland to do it! 🙂

  7. bunnyb Says:

    Very cute project!! I love snow!!! I only have fond and lovely memories about winter! And you had me at snowflake punch!!! 🙂

  8. Bethany B Says:

    I love snow…my favorite memory was getting a huge blizzard when I was in grade school and having almost two weeks off. What made it so great was having friends trapped at my house with me snowmobiling, building igloos and eating ice cream! Oh the simpler times:)
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  9. Holly Says:

    Love the book! Don’t love snow so much. Well, it’s o.k. if I’m nice and cozy inside. Otherwise, I would do without it…why do I live in Ohio?!?

  10. Heather Says:

    I loved snow when I was a kid but now, not so much… it prevented me from coming to B&B on Saturday! I just don’t care for the cold and the mess it makes. I guess I’ll continue to deal with it since I am still in Ohio!

  11. jen t. Says:

    hi, i love love the colors of this mini album!!!ok, funny snowy story…when my hubby and i were dating we went to mount air lodge(when it was really nice) in poconos p.a. and i made an attempt at cross country skiing….(back-story is that it had just snowed 6 inches the night before on top of 6 already there) so my man was way ahead of me thinking he was so cool and i am barely moving in the skiis .so, finally get a little coordination to move and i fall into a hole….and can’t get out so i am up to my nose in snow yelling for the ski master(my man) and he finally realizes what happened to me and just looks at me and laughs….well if he didn’t get me out of there i would have peed my pants cause i started laughing too(mostly cause how i always seem to get myself in these kinds of situations)lol! had to be there!—a snowy memory i will never forget! have a great day! jen t.

  12. Sue Christian Says:

    Love your cute projest , saw Jana’s yesterday.
    I don’t much like the snow since I’ve gotten older but when I was a child I remember my brother and I building an igloo and it crashing down on us and mom had to help dig us out.

  13. jet5 Says:

    The girls and I had a great time at the make n take Sat. Thanks for hosting it and making such a fun project.

    Growing up I loved going sledding on the hill beside my house. I told my kids how big the hill was and how I’d spend all day out there and never get cold. When I showed them the hill, they said, “that little thing?” It must have shrunk over the years! Still, it’s fun to play in the snow and then come back inside for some hot chocolate! Makes me feel like a kid again.

  14. Karen Nuce Says:

    It was such fun making these on Saturday and seeing all the other crafty ladies! I saw Jana again on Sunday at Cord!

    I love the little book and really enjoy making paper bag books. I took mine home and, using my jillibean stash, made another insert page for each “bag” so it holds two pages and I added more sprouts. Jill is tired of me saying this but I really do LOVE sprouts…all colors, all shapes! They’re growing on me…get it, sprouts, growing…….SORRY!

  15. Loretta Says:

    I love this kit so much. i would love to have that snowflake punch. Does the kit include a while pack of the journaling spots? I musts top into B&B to buy more. Will keep fingers crossed to win the whole kit. Yay! Keep creating, please.

  16. Pat Says:

    I love the brown bag book. I will be following the directions to make one. I hate snow and ice. That is why we did not drive over to Ohio for the day on Saturday. It would have been great. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Janice Sullivan Says:

    Very cute idea!

    I am looking for the mini brown bags (used for the pocket) — any idea where I can find them?

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