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Happy Birthday Pappy!!! November 21, 2008

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Today is my Dad’s birthday.  My Dad is not fond of the camera so I don’t have any great shots of him (kind of like my bro).  I won’t share his age either. ;-}  He’s the youngest son of 7 children (5 boys, 2 girls),  served in the army at Vietnam and has worked very hard as a mason for most of his life. 

Happy Birthday Dad!  Have a great day!

Love ya!



One Response to “Happy Birthday Pappy!!!”

  1. Sharon M Says:

    Plead with your dad for one or two good or even decent pictures. My father passed away last year and I have two photos of him that I absolutely charish because he hated to have his picture taken. One is of him standing next to his truck (semi) – He was a trucker all my life. And the other is with his little cocker spaniel whom he adored. He had just come in from working in the yard, he needed a shave but that is what my dad looked like…and I love the picture. I wouldn’t want a picture of my dad in a suit… it just wasn’t him.


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