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Need a laugh? November 19, 2008

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Kami, Brooke and I had a “normal” trip to Target today.  If you’ve never read about our Target trips, read this and this.   Today was a good day at Target – nothing crazy.  We were shopping and the cart was starting to get full so Kami had to get out of the cart and walk.  She was thrilled with this.  She did, however, want to help push Brooke in the cart.  This was not going so well and she kept stopping and giving me “the look”.  She was mad because her feet barely touch the ground while trying to push the top bar so she had to let go several times.  Anyhow, like I said, she kept giving me the pouty look.  I said you her “why are you being such a crab-ass today” (this just came out, I do not talk to my kids this way, I really don’t know where it came from).  Her response was…“I not crab-ass, I Kami”.   I just laughed out loud in the store.  Oh, what a horrible mother!


2 Responses to “Need a laugh?”

  1. Tracy Says:

    This story made my whole day….now that is funny stuff!!!

  2. Karen Nuce Says:

    Her response would be a great title for a layout…spell it out with alphabeans, of course!

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