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Fun Bits for the week… November 17, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of November 10th…

  • Can I just start by giving a shout out to Heather and Lyda Lou who celebrated their birthdays on November 10th!!!  Happy Birthday girls!

Here’s how the rest of the week went…

  • When Kami wants to apply chapstick, she says “put lips on”. 
  • Brooke weighed in at a healthy 70th percentile at her well visit this past week.  Can you imagine that? 😉
  • Picture Kami, Leah, hubby and I playing KerPlunk.  Kami doesn’t really understand the game and loves to pull out several sticks at one time.  She thinks it’s fun to get lots of marbles and says “Whoa” when they all fall down.
  • Brooke helping me sort felt flowers by picking them up off my lap and throwing them across the room. :-{
  • Leah saying “Let’s go hit the road” before going to school the other morning.
  • Kami and Leah sitting in a plastic bin, watching a show before bedtime.


  • Leah had her Daisy investiture ceremony where she was officially inducted into the Girl Scouts.  Thanks Judy for the pic! 


  • I enjoyed meeting lots of great ladies at the Scrapbook Groupies retreat as well as hanging out with old friends at the Zane Trace Inn.  Here’s our crew…


Have a great week everyone!



3 Responses to “Fun Bits for the week…”

  1. jent Says:

    love the pic of the girls in the plastic bin!!..they are so cute! JEN T.

  2. Tina Rollins Says:

    I was forwarded this site by Kathy and I’m glad she did
    cause I got to see some really cute ideas with your ‘sprouts’
    and also because I got to see a picture of all the girls at
    the scrapbook retreat. Thanks for posting that.
    Hopefully next year I can make it.
    Love your stuff Jill it’s really great

  3. Linda Says:

    Was so great to see you and your friends again at Zane Trace Inn Jilll! Loved seeing all your products and learning some scrapbooking ideas by watching how others used them. Look forward to buying them in Kathy’s pharmacy !! Ty for the samples.

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