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Got Turkey??? November 13, 2008

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With Thanksgiving two weeks away, I figured we should have some turkey fun.  I’ve got some turkey ideas and a small giveway.  Check this out…




How cute are these turkey place cards????  This is a kit by K&Company that I picked up at Target.  The kit makes 12 place cards.  It only takes about 5 minutes to make one turkey.  They make cute decorations too!  I have an extra kit if anyone wants it.  Just leave a comment and I will let Leah pick the winner on Monday.

P.S.  I think the turkey’s face looks a little like Beeker from the Muppets (I know I’m dating myself there).


Here’s a cute card made with Stampin’ Up goodies.  The ruffles are made with the Stampin Up scalloped circle punch – one of my favorite pieces.  I was going to attempt to make one with JB Soup products but I just didn’t have time…maybe before Thanksgiving.  If you look close at the gourd on the right you can see some teeth marks – guess who put them there?


Emily and the girls made some “hand” turkeys where you trace their hands for the feathers and attach them to a turkey body…cute! 


Gobbling-good Thanksgiving Cupcakes Recipe










Here are some yummy turkey cupcakes from Family Fun.


You can find directions for this cute turkey candy dish here.  Love these turkey faces!


Tiny Toms    

Have some extra pinecones on hand?  Try these cute turkeys from Family Fun.


You can check out this feathered friend here.


Check out these cute table settings from Martha.

If you need to yummy ideas with what to do with your leftover turkey…check out Butterball.

Happy Turkey making (and eating)!



14 Responses to “Got Turkey???”

  1. Cass Says:

    Those turkeys are so cute! Shame we don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia.

  2. Julie Says:

    These turkeys are cute! I did make a few things for the Thanksgiving table using jillibean products. I will get them on our blog and hopefully on our newsletter next week,

  3. Essense Says:


  4. libraryqueen Says:

    I just found this web site and love the craft paper and the letters. I can’t wait until I can order some paper. I think the turkeys are adorable.

  5. bannon Says:

    I love the hand turkeys made by the girls!

  6. Cindy Says:

    Love all the different Turkeys. Some of them bring back memories.

  7. Kathy Says:

    I assume you are bringing them to Thanksgiving….

  8. jent Says:

    i love the k and co and the martha turkyes!!!! fun stuff! jen t.

  9. jet5 Says:

    We’ve made the pinecone turkeys too. Have you tried the apple turkeys using fruitloops for the the feathers! Fun to eat while you’re making them! You’ll have to try them.

  10. Shawna Says:

    Love all the turkey ideas!

  11. meterr Says:

    oh wow!!! LOVE all the turkeys!!!!

  12. Tracy Says:

    Why was I not blessed with the creativity gene?? Great stuff!!

  13. Jodi Says:

    Those turkeys are so cute! And I love the handprint ones too. I am going to make those with my little girls. So glad I found your site. I love, love, love your kraft papers!

  14. ellen Says:

    oh those are toooooooo cute! all of them. this has totally gotten me in the mood for turkey day!

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