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Diaper Mystery… November 10, 2008

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Wonder who made this mess with my stash of diapers?  Got any guesses?


Hmmm…it’s looks like they took just about everything out of the basket.


What’s that, that Brooke has?  Any empty basket?


Putting the basket back…is she thinking about refilling the basket with diapers?


Nope, she’d rather sit behind the chair and play with the diapers she just dumped.


Have a good night everyone!



2 Responses to “Diaper Mystery…”

  1. jen t. Says:

    she was -caught in the act-!lol!….oh that is a good title for a scrappy! she is so cute! jen t.

  2. Karen Nuce Says:

    I think Brookie is trying to tell mommy….”potty train me…no more diapers”!!!!! Maybe you could have Eric work on that while you’re on your scrap retreat this weekend!

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