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Bored??? November 9, 2008

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Got a minute…got a blog…check out this cool site.  You can add this human calendar to your blog.  Unfortunately,  wordpress is not as functunal as other blogging platforms – so I can’t install it.


If you are REALLY bored…try the big red button.  Don’t yell at me if it makes you mad.


Want to make fun of yourself?  Go to Yearbook Yourself and upload your photo.  Go through the years and see what you could have looked like (or maybe you still do – ha!).


Create your own snowflake here.


Pop bubblewrap here.  Seriously, I’m not kidding!


If you need some help getting ready for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat – ready girls?  Check out Got Sketches blogspot for layout ideas.


Have fun!



3 Responses to “Bored???”

  1. Karen Nuce Says:

    I am just getting back from a weekend scrapbooking retreat and I got tons of stuff made including an “explosion box”, a mini cascading album, a mini Christmas album, tons of layouts and I stamped so much my wrist and shoulder hurt! What really excited me was when I noticed that the lady beside me who drove in from Indianapolis was using Jillibean Soup products! She was doing fall layouts and Thanksgiving napkin rings with the Pumpking soup line and her 4 travel buddies were going nuts over the paper! I told them all about you, Jill, and encouraged them to visit your blog. Turns out that they hit the outlet malls on the way to the retreat and bought up your goodies at the Lodi store. She said the clerk made a special point of directing her to your brand new product which was perfect for fall! The excitement is catching!!!! Another congrats for JBS!!!!!

  2. jen t. Says:

    i love the bubble wrap popping thing..that is so cool!lol! the human calendar is cool too! jen t 🙂

  3. Missey Says:

    I tried the HS yearbook but I couldn’t get my pic to load. It’s probably a good thing! haha!!!

    Thanks for the fun 🙂

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