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Fun Bits for the Week… November 4, 2008

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Almost forgot some fun bits for last week…week of October 27th.

  • Kami loved eating at “Max and Ernie’s” the other day (Max and Erma’s for those of you who don’t have this chain close by).
  • Brookie thoroughly enjoyed her Halloween candy!!!  The zebra was walking around with a sucker stuck to her bum for part of the night.
  • Leah telling Brooke she’s going to fall off the chair and crack her head open…who’s that sound like?  My Mom, Your Mom, My Grandmother, Her Grandmother…
  • I made a quick trip into the American Girl store in Chicago on my way home from Wisconsin – why didn’t I think of that gold mine? 
  • Brookie did NOT like the drive home from PA today – squelched a good part of it.
  • I forgot my make-up while traveling to Wisconsin.  You can’t find a Clinique counter at 7:30 in the morning.  The Pick n’ Save had to do.  I bought a foundation that was way too light and made me look like a ghost.  Then I bought some blush that only required a smidgen of it to color your cheeks.  I put way too much on and it was hard to take off.  I felt like a clown going into my meeting yesterday.
  • Some pics from the week…


Brooke enjoying her spaghetti.


A mad mouse.


Leah’s kindergarten class – halloween pic.  I don’t know how many times I asked her to push up her ears.  Oh well, I guess they didn’t bother her. 🙂 

Have a great week everyone!