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Happy Halloween!! October 30, 2008

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We had Trick or Treat tonight so I have some pics to share!  Here’s Leah and Kami with the neighbor girls – Megan and Emma.  A cat, mouse, fairy, and candy corn.  Too cute!

How about a mad, crying zebra.  Poor Brookie…she didn’t want Dad chasing after her.

Here’s a cute little mouse licking her chops…gotta get that sticky sucker off her lips.

And a cute, bashful cat that has to have pink, fuzzy fur and pink/black leopard print on her costume.

Me and the peeps.  Leah was excited that Mom dressed-up (a little) this year.

Happy Halloween! 

Jilli-boo 🙂


How cool is this??

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Just got this in the mail yesterday.  My good friend Jen (from Iowa) made this for me!  I love it!  She used the Cream of Mush line (kraft and white) and some b/w photos of my girls.  She used decoupage to attach the paper to the metal star.  She also added a few embellishments.  Thanks Jen!