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I’m excited to inform you that… October 29, 2008

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You can find Jillibean Soup products at Crazy For Scrapbooks in Burbank, Ohio!  The store is located in the Lodi Outlet Center.  You can take the kids with you on your shopping trip and ride the train that goes right through the middle of the outlets! 

Check out the Crazy for Scrapbooks blog here.

Thanks Julie!  Thanks to Cindy too for recommending JB Soup!


5 Responses to “I’m excited to inform you that…”

  1. Julie Says:


    I am glad to be carrying your product…it has been at the store 2 days and we have already had a positive reponse to the paper! Good Luck!

  2. Kathy Says:


  3. jennie z Says:

    I love your stuff, i mean LOVE it, my friend Jen T told me about your site . I will have to look around 🙂


  4. jen t. Says:


  5. Karen Nuce Says:

    How awesome that more and more stores are picking up the awesome JBS products! I personally love them so much and am glad that other scrappers are getting to see them too. The papers with red are especially great for the upcoming holidays – both for cards and layouts!

    Congrats Jill!

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