The Soup Bowl

Tidbits about Jillibean Soup and the life behind the bowl…

And the winner of Day 7 is… October 29, 2008

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#1 Jen T.  Congrats! 

Jen, look for some yummy SugarDaddy’s in the mail soon!

Thank you EVERYONE for participating in our week of Giveaways!  It’s been fun!

Have a great night!


5 Responses to “And the winner of Day 7 is…”

  1. Jana Says:

    what a great week Jill: thanks for all the goodies available and the fun sharing on your site!

  2. Missey Says:

    Thanks for all the fun!!!

  3. bannon Says:

    Yes thanks again!

  4. jen t. Says:

    yay! i am so excited!!!thank so much yummy! jen t:)

  5. jet5 Says:

    Thanks for the fun week of giveaways!

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