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Tidbits about Jillibean Soup and the life behind the bowl…

Happy Halloween!! October 30, 2008

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We had Trick or Treat tonight so I have some pics to share!  Here’s Leah and Kami with the neighbor girls – Megan and Emma.  A cat, mouse, fairy, and candy corn.  Too cute!

How about a mad, crying zebra.  Poor Brookie…she didn’t want Dad chasing after her.

Here’s a cute little mouse licking her chops…gotta get that sticky sucker off her lips.

And a cute, bashful cat that has to have pink, fuzzy fur and pink/black leopard print on her costume.

Me and the peeps.  Leah was excited that Mom dressed-up (a little) this year.

Happy Halloween! 

Jilli-boo 🙂


How cool is this??

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Just got this in the mail yesterday.  My good friend Jen (from Iowa) made this for me!  I love it!  She used the Cream of Mush line (kraft and white) and some b/w photos of my girls.  She used decoupage to attach the paper to the metal star.  She also added a few embellishments.  Thanks Jen!


I’m excited to inform you that… October 29, 2008

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You can find Jillibean Soup products at Crazy For Scrapbooks in Burbank, Ohio!  The store is located in the Lodi Outlet Center.  You can take the kids with you on your shopping trip and ride the train that goes right through the middle of the outlets! 

Check out the Crazy for Scrapbooks blog here.

Thanks Julie!  Thanks to Cindy too for recommending JB Soup!


And the winner of Day 7 is…

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#1 Jen T.  Congrats! 

Jen, look for some yummy SugarDaddy’s in the mail soon!

Thank you EVERYONE for participating in our week of Giveaways!  It’s been fun!

Have a great night!


Week of Giveaways…Day 7 October 28, 2008

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For the last giveaway, I thought we would do something YUMMY!  How about some delicious SugarDaddy’s!!!  You can check them out here.  I had never heard of these until the Scrapbook Art Grand Opening.  I had one of the blonde brownies and it was oh, so yummy!  Apparently, Ellen is a big fan too! 

One last “favorite” from you.  What’s your favorite halloween candy?  Leave a comment and the winner will be picked tomorrow (via at 9:00pm EST.

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed.

Good Luck!


And the winner of Day 6 is…

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#8 Bannon!  Congrats!  Bannon, when you get a minute, can you send your address to and I’ll get your goodies out to you!

Thank you everyone for your great comments! 

Have a good night!


Fun Bits for the Week… October 27, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of October 20th…

  • Leah getting really excited when she saw Mom on the “Ellen” show.
  • Brooke has started taking garbage out of the garbage can. 
  • Kami yelling out “shoe bus” every time she sees a school bus.
  • Leah telling me she never wants me to make beef stew again.
  • Kami singing Pink’s “So What” with Mom.  Imagine a 2 year old with the Na, Na, Nas. 
  • Brooke putting her hand in the toilet while Kami is sitting on the toilet and going to the bathroom!
  • A visit to the pumpkin patch last weekend…

Have a great week!