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Fun Bits for the week… September 29, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of Sept 22nd…

  • Leah thinks that because she has brown eyes, she can see better in the dark.
  • Kami loves hanging out with big sister’s friends. 
  • Brooke is saying more words like “shoe”, “juice” and “binty” (blankie)
  • Lily had her 8 week appointment today with the surgeon and she is cleared for play! 

  • We enjoyed some fall fun at a Leed’s farm this past weekend.  Here are some pics to share…

This is a new bouncy thing they have at the farm.  Leah is on the right and her friend Grace is in the middle.  Looks like fun, huh!

Leah and Grace (or Gace as Kami calls her) giggling and rolling in the large tube. 

Have a great week!


The Lone Shoe…

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Size 4, hand-me-down, croc-like shoe…Brooke’s favorite shoe.

We lost the right one last week while on a walk. 

Remember the crab and the fish?

Crab and fish out.  Croc-like shoe in.

She carries them (it) everywhere.

She insists on continuing to wear the left one by itself.

First thing when she gets up, she goes and gets the shoe and wants you to put it on.

She also insists that these are the only shoes (shoe) she will wear. 

She gets mad when you try to put other shoes on her.

Anyone know where I can find another size 4 croc-like shoe?