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Fun Bits for the Week… September 22, 2008

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Fun bits for the week of Sept 15th…

  • Leah asking me (while driving) if I still had eyes in the back of my head.
  • Kami counting to 13.
  • Leah getting the “I am Special” plate after she helped her friend Morgan read a book at school.
  • Brooke gathering her shoes when it’s time to go somewhere.
  • We all enjoyed some “fall” fun yesterday with our friends Kent and Tracy and their twins, Nickolas and Delaney.  Here are some pics…

Fun on the hayride.  Kami has a thing for Kent. 🙂

Having a sack race.  Yes, I’m participating too…

Hubby was in control of the camera and took way too many photos of me!  Check out that hair!  And, yes I was losing miserably.

Brookie looking around to see what she could do next.

Leah riding the bucking bull. 

Kami has been giving me these crazy grins lately.  This is her “smile” right now. 

  • We also enjoyed some backyard fun last night.  As usual, Mom gets her camera out…

OK, love this.  Brooke was enjoying a “non-traditional” ride on the swing.

The girls in the treehouse.  Love the “piggies”.  And yes, Leah is in a princess dress-up outfit. 

Have a great week!


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