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A little Boo… September 18, 2008

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I thought with all the power outages (and the spookyness that comes with the dark) that I would share a couple of Halloween cards… 

Love the cute diecut bats…Martha Stewart punch.  The chipboard letters are from Bo Bunny.

OK, So I haven’t mastered the bows on the side…need some help with that if anyone has any tips? 

Having some fun with Jillibean Soup Alphabeans (which are being re-printed next week and will hopefully be in stores in 2-3 weeks).  Also included is a Maya Road journaling spot and that cute spider is from Sandylion.

This card is actually a “flat” meaning it doesn’t open…it’s flat.  The “best witches” stamp is from Stampin’ Up. 

Thanks for lurking!


I’ve lost all control!

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Yep, that’s right…I don’t have any control over my kids anymore.


They’re ganging up on me.

Leah used to be so good when it was just her.  She and her sister now have a conspiracy against Mom.

Kami told me “no” yesterday when I asked her to clean up the toys.  Kami never talks back!  She’s an “OK, MaMa” kind of girl.

They jump on the furniture when I’ve asked them not to.

They laugh when I yell at them.

Brooke completely ignores me when I ask her not to do something.  It’s as if I’m not even in the room.

They feed the dog their food at lunch.

They completely ignore me when I tell them to do something, like brush their teeth.  They keep playing and laughing and giggling.  Hello…I just yelled at you!

Leah has started telling me how to raise Brooke.  Yesterday, Brooke was standing up in her high chair which I sternly told her not to.  After the second time, Leah said “if you would just buckle her in, she wouldn’t do that”.  Duh, I know.

Sobbing, Weeping, Crying…no control whatsoever.