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Fun Bits from the week… September 15, 2008

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Fun Bits from the week of Sept 8th…

  • Kami is all about Mommy.  Lately, it seems like hubby has been wanting to wrestle more.  So everytime he decides to wrestle Mommy…Kami yells “STOP IT” or “ENOUGH”.  She wants to protect Mommy.  Cute, eh?
  • Brooke is still testing Mom…

You get the picture(s)…

  • I’m sure I mentioned before that Kami has started potty training herself.  Well, one day last week she decided she wanted an audience.
  • And this is Kami deciding not to go on the potty.  Instead, she’s hiding behind a chair.  Can you guess what she’s doing?


  • Leah did her first forward flip into the foam pit at gymnastics.  Sorry I don’t have a photo of that to share.
  • Finally, we are thankful that we have power this evening and that we did not have more destruction from the strong winds yesterday.


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