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Fun Bits from the week… September 15, 2008

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Fun Bits from the week of Sept 8th…

  • Kami is all about Mommy.  Lately, it seems like hubby has been wanting to wrestle more.  So everytime he decides to wrestle Mommy…Kami yells “STOP IT” or “ENOUGH”.  She wants to protect Mommy.  Cute, eh?
  • Brooke is still testing Mom…

You get the picture(s)…

  • I’m sure I mentioned before that Kami has started potty training herself.  Well, one day last week she decided she wanted an audience.
  • And this is Kami deciding not to go on the potty.  Instead, she’s hiding behind a chair.  Can you guess what she’s doing?


  • Leah did her first forward flip into the foam pit at gymnastics.  Sorry I don’t have a photo of that to share.
  • Finally, we are thankful that we have power this evening and that we did not have more destruction from the strong winds yesterday.


Primitive Times…

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days…had planned on yesterday but ended up not having power…

As most of you know a good part of Columbus is without power right now.  We lost it for about 10 hours total.  We’re lucky to have it back so soon.  They’re saying it could be a couple of days for some.  Tropical depression Ike came through yesterday afternoon.  They keep calling it a storm, but we didn’t have any lightning, thunder or much rain…just high winds.  It was strange.

I can’t imagine how some people rode out hurricane Ike.  The winds around here were scary enough – we were lucky not to have any trees down like our neighbors. 

Leah was excited to be able to use a flashlight.  We played Chutes and Ladders by flashlight which she thought was cool.  After the girls went to bed, I sat at my kitchen table trying to work by candlelight and using a lantern (a pink kiddie lantern that Leah used at the beach).  It was interesting to say the least.  Our house has never been so quiet.  It was nice for a little bit.  Then I started missing all the noise.  It certainly made things slow down for a bit.  No computers, no TV…you really have to use your imagination.  Yes, I know I’m spoiled.  Not exactly primitive times or Little House on the Prarie.

I’m thankful for our power today.  My prayers go out to those who suffered more extensive damage from Ike – especially those in Texas.