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A few more older layouts… September 12, 2008

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It’s been a busy week so I haven’t had time to do any paper crafting.  I’m hoping to get some cards ready for the Cards for Heroes drive this weekend.  I will post some ideas for those soon.  In the meantime, here are a couple of older layouts.  If you want more info about the products used – shoot me an e-mail.

“Silly just like Mom”.  My oldest daughter has always been recoginized as looking just like her Dad.  When these pictures came out, I finally saw a bit of Mom in Leah.  In the middle of “Mom” is a picture of me at 3…there’s a bit of a resemblance.  She’s got that Irish dimple in her chin. 🙂

With fall approaching, I thought I would put up a “Pumpkin Patch” layout.  These were some of my favorite photos of Leah at 16 months old.  I didn’t plan for her to wear colors to match the pumpkins – it just worked out that way.  Love the Scenic Route and Chatterbox papers.

Ugghh…noticing how crooked things look.  I totally understand why Ali Edwards scraps standing up.  This photo was taken of Kami while I was in bed on bedrest with Brooke.  All the circles at the bottom are just a hodgepodge of different lines.  It’s amazing what you can put together and it still looks cohesive. 

I’ll announce the winner of the gift certificate tonight at 9:00 EST.  There’s still time to comment!

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “A few more older layouts…”

  1. Karen Nuce Says:

    Did you just handwrite the “precious” over the circles or did you put it through the printer? I really like the way it looks. I did a page not long ago with punched squares in shades of brown and I really liked it…now I will try circles!


  2. jyeger Says:

    I wish I was so talented…the “precious” is a silhouette word from Heidi Swapp. Try this link…

    They’ve been around for a while.

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