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Tapety, Tap, Tap, Tap September 10, 2008

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Leah’s first pair of tap shoes.  It’s fun to tap on ceramic tile. 🙂 

Notice the belly shirt?  We’re starting the trend all over again.  Not really.  It’s Kami’s.  Yep, a bit too small for Leah.  Somehow, Kami’s shirt ended up in Leah’s dresser.  How can I possibly get sizes 5, 24 months and 18 months clothing mixed up?  I really don’t like doing laundry anymore.  Socks are the worst!


2 Responses to “Tapety, Tap, Tap, Tap”

  1. Missey Says:

    Wow, look at her! So cute. I bet she had a ball on the tile 🙂
    cute cute pics~
    Do I see a JB Soup LO in the near future? You will have to post so we all can enjoy..

  2. Kathy Says:

    Just a hint for the socks….buy 3 different kinds…one style for each kid. May be boring, but it makes the sorting much easier.

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