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Fun Bits for the Week… September 8, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of Sept 1st…

  • Leah started enrichment last week and loves it.
  • I totally forgot what 2 yr olds were all about until Kami’s gymnastics class this past Sat.  Kami is the only one in the class (it’s a Mommy and Me type class) and she was refusing to do just about everything.  No monkey bars, no trampoline, no forward rolls…hopefully next week will be better.
  • Leah is tired of homework already!
  • Kami has started telling stories – she loves to talk with her hands.  It’s absolutely adorable!
  • Lily turns 6 today.  Happy Birthday Lily!

She doesn’t look so happy does she? 

  • And of course, the debut of Jillibean Soup!

Have a great week!