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Jillibean Soup is now in stores!! September 7, 2008

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Like I said yesterday, Scrapbook Art had a great turn-out and Jillibean Soup had a great debut!  Karen and I were in the store from 2-5 and there was a long line that entire time.  Amy (one of the store’s owners) mentioned that they had people waiting in line outside before they opened.  Karen and I had lots of fun doing make n’ takes and meeting lots of new people.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments!  I’m sure you’ll see Karen and I cropping at Scrapbook Art or maybe even teaching a class or two. 

Here are some pics from the Grand Opening…

Here’s Karen and I during a moment of downtime.  I just have to say how wonderful Karen is and how supportive she’s been.  I’ve been fortunate to have known Karen for several years now.  Karen – on her own time – has made several cards and layouts with Jillibean Soup products that we’ve used for displays, posted on this blog and will be in the gallery on the website.  She is the official first member of the Jillibean Soup design team!   THANKYOU Karen!  You’re the best.

Here’s Karen giving instructions for the make n’ takes. 

I know I posted these before, but here are the cards we offered for the make n’ takes.

Here are some customers making the make n’ take cards.

Jillibean Soup paper being displayed.  If you look closely, there’s a couple of bins that are empty – some of the styles sold out!!

Here are the Alphabeans being displayed…the white will be up there soon!

Here’s a close-up of the Alphabeans.

It’s the Jillibean Soup sign. 

Scrapbook Art displayed a bunch of layouts/cards made with Jillibean Soup products on the front wall as you walked into the store.

Hubby brought the girls in while Karen and I were doing the make n’ takes.  Here’s Leah noticing one of the layouts with her cousin Lucas on it.  She was very surprised to see herself on the wall too!

Here’s Kami pointing to her picture on the layout.

Here’s a better view of the layout that Kami’s looking at.

Sorry, here’s only part of the wall.  I realized afterwards that I didn’t take a head-on shot of the entire wall.

Thank you again Scrapbook Art – Caron and Amy – for being the first to take a chance on Jillibean Soup products!


2 Responses to “Jillibean Soup is now in stores!!”

  1. shannon howski Says:

    Wow!! I am so proud of you…what an accomplishment! Cannot wait to visit the store and buy some of your products!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I haven’t been to the store yet, but I’ve heard your stuff is selling like hotcakes (or should I say “soupcakes”) and that some bins are getting emptied out! FABULOUS for you!!! You should be very proud. The lines look amazing (I finally made it to the website)!!!

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