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Card Drive September 3, 2008

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If I haven’t said it before…I’ll say it now – “I love Jennifer McGuire” – maybe even to the point of having a crush on this girl. 😉  Can I say that?  🙂 This girl rocks and I’m so jealous of her talent!  I keep a stash of ideas from trade publications sitting in my office.  I can go back several years and see numerous layouts of Jennifer’s that I’ve collected for inspiration. 

Anyhow, I keep tabs on her blog and recently she did a card drive for some family members.  It went so well that she’s decided to do another one – this time for the soldiers in Iraq through  Click here to see the message on her blog.  Click here to go to Hero Art Stamps with more information about the drive.  Both blogs have some beautiful cards posted for inspiration.

The card drive is pretty simple.  You get out your stash of paper crafting goodies and make a couple of holiday cards to send to the troups.  They can either be blank cards or have a message in them.  Jennifer will do the rest.  You can mail the cards to:

        Jennifer McGuire
        Heroes Card Drive
        PO Box 428612
        Cincinnati, OH 45242

She asks that the cards arrive by Sept 30th.  

I will be sending some cards in the next week or two. 



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