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Trip to the zoo… September 1, 2008

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Today, being labor day and marking the end of the summer, we decided to go to the zoo.  We all enjoyed the train ride, ate some lunch and played on the playground.  I know, where were the animals?  I said the zoo, right?  Unfortunately our trip had to be cut a little short…


Do you notice that big goose egg on her forehead?  Ouch!  Sweet Brookie.  Poor thing tripped and fell while playing on the playground.  It’s nice and bruised and I’m sure will look beautiful tomorrow.

Once again, that’s happy Brooke sitting on the train.

Aaaannnnndddd, not so happy Brooke with a big goose egg on her forehead.  Poor Brookie. 😦

Are you thinking what a rotten Mom I am that I’m taking pics of her while she’s down?  I thought so.


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