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Leah started Kindergarten yesterday… August 27, 2008

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Boo Hoo Hoo, Leah started Kindergarten yesterday.  I was doing fine until the whole “bus” thing.  Really. 

We started our preparations the day before by painting fingernails and styling her hair.  We also read the book “The Night Before Kindergarten” before bed.  It’s a cute book that our friend Missey let us borrow.  Leah was so excited yesterday morning.  We took a few pics before we headed to school.  We live very close to the elementary school so all of us walked Leah to her first day.  It was a bit overwhelming arriving at school with all the “older” kids, but she seemed to be fine.  She sat with her class until it was time to go back to her room and then waved goodbye…

About 2.5 hours later she arrived home on the bus.  The school offers kindergarten-only buses and this will be her only opportunity to ride a bus (after K, she’ll have to walk), so we signed her up.  She’s only on the bus for about 2 minutes but she really wanted to ride the bus!  The bus stopped and I could see her little head looking out the window and waving to me.  Then she got off the bus.  I grabbed her hand and we started walking towards home.  I asked her how her day was and she gave me a big “great” and I lost it.  Tears welled up in my eyes.  She was acting like such a big girl.  What happened to my baby?