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Fun Bits for the week… August 25, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of August18th…

  • Leah, while eating her McDonaldland cookies and explaining what each one of the characters looked like, suggested that the hamburglar looks like Grandpa wearing a cowboy hat. 

FYI…Grandpa is on the left 😉  In case you’re really young and you don’t know who the hamburglar is, he’s the one in the stripped outfit in the picture on the right.  I don’t really see the resemblance.  Really, I don’t make this stuff up!

  • Kami has decided to potty train herself.  She’s gone several times and really enjoys her “teets” (treats) afterwards. 
  • Brooke is really steady on her feet now!

  • I was wrestling with our dog Lily (Lily has been down and out lately due to surgery on her back leg) today and Kami yelled at me saying “Stop it right now”.  Who’s that sound like?
  • Brooke (who’s 13 months old) was immitating Mom burping.
  • Kami is a little stinker…everytime she gets yelled at, she tries to turn things around and says “Hi Mommy“.
  • After eating chicken for dinner last night, Leah asked her Dad – “Dad, how does the farmer get the legs off the chicken?” 
  • Leah calls the UPS man, the PUS man.
  • Leah will start Kindergarten tomorrow!
  • Did I mention that Scrapbook Art in Lewis Center will be carrying the entire line of Jillibean Soup! 🙂

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