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Procrastination August 19, 2008

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Much to do about nothing…

Uggghhh!  I have so much to do right now and here I sit on the couch (with sweet Lily beside me) just lurking on the internet and catching glimpses of the Olympics.  Why would I want to get up and put some laundry in the dryer?  Why would I want to go downstairs and organize my office?  Why would I want to wipe up my incredibly messy crumb loving wood floor in the kitchen?  Why would I want to pay some bills?  I don’t know either – it’s so comfy sitting on my couch (with sweet Lily beside me).  I admit it, some things have gone by the wayside with my incredibly busy schedule.  I’ve had to give in to some of my OCD tendencies and just let things go.  I used to be so organized!  My house used to be so clean!  I look in my cupboards and go “yuck” at the dirt and grime lurking below my sink cupboard.   I dream of the days when things won’t be so cluttered.   It seems like my schedule is getting more cluttered too.  I need to take charge now or it’s going to get even more out of control!  I need 10 more hours in a day! 

Dont’ get me wrong – I love my life.  OK, most of it.  I could do without diets, alarm clocks and antsGod has blessed me with 3 little girls that make me smile everyday.  I was changing Brooke’s poopie diaper today and Kami looked over my shoulder and said “is it big?”  Who wouldn’t love to hang out with 3 funny little peeps?  They don’t care that there are crumbs on my floor.  They don’t care if I procrastinate – ok, I take that back.  When Leah wants things, she wants them now!  They don’t care about clutter – they seem to embrace it!  🙂  I know this post is much ado about nothing and I’m just rambling.  I’ve been feeling extra emotional lately.  I’ve got lots going on right now…Leah starting kindergarten, Brooke going to milk from formula, Lily requiring extra attention, Jillibean Soup moving forward.  Did I mention that Scrapbook Art in Lewis Center is going to carry my entire line?  😉 

OK, off to bed – sweet dreams.

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