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Fun Bits for the week… August 18, 2008

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Fun Bits for the week of August 11th…

  • I don’t think I shared last week that we attended a wedding in Indianapolis on the 9th.  The wedding was quite impressive complete with gorgeous flowers, doves, thrown rose petals, lots of seashells, several places to make secret wishes to the couple, hand-painted favors and fireworks!  The ceremony was beautiful and the pastor was very inspiring.  His message made me thankful for having Eric in my life.  We wish Craig and Amy the best!
  • Brooke has been taking more steps.  She’s getting more comfortable walking.  Soon she’ll be running!
  • In an earlier post I mentioned my nieces visiting for the weekend.  We were all very tired after the busy weekend but it was so worth it.  The girls enjoy one another’s company and I know it will be a bond that they will have forever.  I’m particularly proud of Leah.  My nieces were very interested in Kami this visit…they were both being very motherly with Kami.  It was cute and I was sure Leah would notice and get upset, but she didn’t.  She was completely content with the way things were playing out.  She seems so mature right now – it’s probably a week long phase that will soon turn to 5 year old behavior again.  For now I LIKE it!   Here are a couple of photos…

Alyssa just had her 9th birthday party which was a Fiesta!  She shared some sombreros with the girls.  What was that I was saying about being “mature”?

Leah rode the log ride at the waterpark.  She really impressed me and was very brave!  Love her face! 

The girls at a local playground.  They posed themselves – very nicely I might add.  Leah is growing her hair out and is very excited to wear ponytails again (we’ve had the same one in for 3 days now). 

  • When my nieces visit, my brother and/or sister-in-law usually meet me half-way to swap kids.  We were on our way back home and Leah and Kami were watching a show on the DVD player.  All of the sudden I realized that the show was playing the same Strawberry Shortcake song over and over and over again.  I looked in the rearview mirror and Leah (who’s in charge of the remote for the player) was sleeping.  Kami and I listened to the song for a little while and then I hear Kami shout:  Week Up Weah (wake up Leah)”.  I giggled – I think she was tired of hearing it too!  Finally I figured out I could reach the power connection and pulled the plug!
  • Kami counted to 5 today. 
  • Brooke has been saying “uh-oh” quite a bit lately.  She also mimicked Mom changing her diaper yesterday and said “stinky”. 
  • Leah knows what a BFF is now – thanks to her older cousins. 😉
  • I mentioned that we went to Zoombezi Bay this past weekend.  We drove past it yesterday and Kami yelled “BEEZIE BAY”.

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