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Happy Birthday Alyssa! August 11, 2008

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Happy Birthday to my niece Alyssa.  She turns 9 today!  I can remember when she was just a little thing.  She’s such a pretty girl with a great spirit!  Here’s a couple pics of Alyssa…

Have a great day!


Happy Birthday to Great Grandpa Earl & Heidi!

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Today is Great Grandpa Earl’s 86th birthday!  We wish you a very happy day and many more to come!

Also, Happy belated Birthday to hubby’s sister Heidi!  So sorry Heidi that we missed it last week!  I really should check my planner more often. ;-(  Hope you had a great day!


Fun Bits from the week…

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Fun Bits from the week of August 4th…

  • Brooke is getting more confident in her walking.  Everytime she takes some steps, we yell and clap for her.  Today, Kami was trying to make her babydoll walk and then she would clap for her.  Too cute!
  • Leah came downstairs the other day and asked where her new princess underwear came from.  I proceeded to tell her that her Grandmother (hubby’s Mom) bought them for her for her birthday.  And the rest of the story goes…

          Mom: “Grandma bought them for you.”

          Leah: “No she didn’t.”

          Mom: “Yes she did.”

          Leah: “No she didn’t.”

          Mom: “Yes she did. She bought them for your birthday.”

          Leah“I want to call her right now and ask her.”

          Mom: “Eric, Leah wants to call Grandma and ask her something.”

          Leah calls Grandma and the first thing she says“Grandma, did you buy my new princess underwear.”

          Grandma: Not sure what Grandma’s exact response was, but yes, Grandma did buy them!

          Ahhhh!  Can you see this same conversation in about 10 years?

  • Lily seems to be doing much better.  She seemed to get some energy back around Friday of last week.  She started moving around more and wanted to play fetch.  Too bad, it’s going to be a while before that happens.
  • We have been having some problems with ants lately – yuck!  I have tried several things and was complaining about them to hubby the other morning.  I finally said, “your the entomologist (apparently hubby had some interest in bugs in his earlier days), what am I supposed to do with these ants?”  He looked at me very seriously and said “I guess we could get an anteater.”   Hah!
  • We visited with hubby’s parents and grandparents this past weekend.  His grandparents will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this August.  Can you imagine?  We were reading the newspaper announcement from their wedding and it said they went off to a “secret location” on their wedding night.  We asked them about it and neither one would reveal the secret location.  I think it’s awesome that they’ve kept it a secret for all these years!
  • We had a nice time visiting with our friends Jenn, Joacim and new baby Izzy yesterday.  Izzy has this awesome hair that sticks straight up all the time.   She’s a keeper!
  • Oh, and my Alphabeans got printed last week.  Love them!  Here is the “groovy green”.  Will share more soon!