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Miss Lily had surgery today… August 4, 2008

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Lily (our Boston Terrier) has been part of our family since before we had kids.  She’s my buddy.  Lily  has what’s called a “luxating patella” which means her knee cap pops off and on.  It has been getting increasingly worse this past year.  For the last month or so she has not been putting any weight on her back left leg so we finally made the decision to have the surgery.   It makes me sad to see her hobbling around on 3 legs.  Hopefully this will allow her get back to being her playful self.  It’s going to be a long road to recovery -basically 3 months of no vigorous activity.  Any of you that know Bostons know that will be very difficult. 

Here are some older layouts of Lily…

“Why Dogs Bite”

“Lily at 5”


3 Responses to “Miss Lily had surgery today…”

  1. I just checked out your blog!! Very cool. I hope Lily is doing good…love her cast.

  2. jenn Says:

    I’m so sorry for Miss Lily! My friend, Holly, had a Boston named “Butt-Butt” (it was short for “Buttons” but she was never called that). Anyway, she was the craziest little dog! I always called her a circus dog because she would run around in circles and jump so high! Good luck trying to keep Miss Lily down!

  3. Missey Says:

    Oh, that breaks my heart!!! I hope she is up and running around again soon.

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