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We failed parenting challenge #2026 August 3, 2008

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Yesterday, Leah (remember she’s 5) asked the infamous question… “How do babies get in Mommy’s bellies?”.   I have no idea where this question came from but I failed her miserably.  I didn’t have any idea what to tell her.  I seriously thought to myself…”is now the best time to start the talk?  Should I lie?  What should I tell her?”  Sooooo, I said “That’s a good question for Dad”.  I know that was not the best thing to do.  I just don’t have any idea when to start talking about this kind of stuff and I certainly was not ready for it yesterday!  Then, when she asked Dad, his response was “God puts them there”.  OK, so that wasn’t the best answer either.  Fortunately, she accepted this and went back to playing. 

Anyone else deal with this yet?  How old were your kids when they started asking?  I know there are some good books out there for this kind of thing as well – any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


2 Responses to “We failed parenting challenge #2026”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I don’t remember how much we talked about babies getting INTO Mama’s belly, but last year, Sis (8yr) had some questions. We got out our American Girl book (great resource) and read & talked together. After we talked about how babies got OUT (yikes!), she asked if we could talk about it some other time. That was months ago. She hasn’t restarted the conversation.

    I keep telling myself that I will be open & honest with my kids. I don’t think the method my mom used was very helpful — “Don’t let a boy sit on your bed” — that is basically what I got from the conversation. I keep thinking I have time, but they are going to be interested in boys before I know it. Ugh! Where’s my “NO BOYS ALLOWED” sign?

    Zoey 101 wasn’t a good role model, but it did allow us to discuss having a baby as a teenager. Can we just lock them in their rooms til they’re 30 (okay, 25)?

    If “God puts it there” satisfied her for now, so be it. Does a 5 yr old reallly need to know the details? Give her another year or 10. Just don’t let her ask her cousins! Who knows what they’d say and then they would ask ME.

    I’m not much help, but it’s still a work in progress.

  2. jyeger Says:

    Thanks Kathy. I think someone else recommended the “American Girl” book too. I guess I don’t feel like a 5 yr old needs to know all the details either, I just froze and couldn’t figure out anything to say. I didn’t want to lie to her and I couldn’t decide how much info to give her or where to start. I know kids talk about this kind of stuff VERY early these days.

    Did the “Don’t let boys sit on your bed” work? Ha!

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