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Goodbyes August 3, 2008

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I had lunch with my friend Wendy today.  Wendy, her husband Mark and their 2 boys are moving to Lubbock, Texas next week.  Wendy and I first met in the high risk unit in the hospital.  Both of us spent many weeks on bedrest with our pregnancies and bonded instantly.  We’ve stayed in contact and remained friends for several years now.  We will miss you guys!  We wish you the best in the Lone Star State!


Fun Bits for the week…

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Fun Bits for the week of July 28th…

  • Brooke took her first steps while we were in Washington!!!  Yeah Brookie!  No pictures yet. 😦
  • Kami going on the potty for the first time!  Yeah Kami!  No pictures of that yet either. 😉
  • Leah questioning whether I really do have “eyes in the back of my head”. 
  • Brooke, Kami and our dog Lily hanging out in Lily’s cage.

  • The past couple of days, we’ve been swapping out some rooms in our house.  While moving toys and furniture, Leah kept saying “this is really hard work.” 
  • Kami and Leah playing together for long periods of time without fighting.  This is such a blessing to see!  I love it! 
  • We successfully made it home from Washington in one piece.  Yeah!  More Washington pics to share this week.

We failed parenting challenge #2026

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Yesterday, Leah (remember she’s 5) asked the infamous question… “How do babies get in Mommy’s bellies?”.   I have no idea where this question came from but I failed her miserably.  I didn’t have any idea what to tell her.  I seriously thought to myself…”is now the best time to start the talk?  Should I lie?  What should I tell her?”  Sooooo, I said “That’s a good question for Dad”.  I know that was not the best thing to do.  I just don’t have any idea when to start talking about this kind of stuff and I certainly was not ready for it yesterday!  Then, when she asked Dad, his response was “God puts them there”.  OK, so that wasn’t the best answer either.  Fortunately, she accepted this and went back to playing. 

Anyone else deal with this yet?  How old were your kids when they started asking?  I know there are some good books out there for this kind of thing as well – any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!