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Big Picture Scrapbooking – Update #2 July 31, 2008

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Well the class is still going, whether I’m in attendance or not. :-O  I’ve only completed one project which is fine.  I’m still gathering lots and lots of ideas.  It has been interesting and it’s teaching me to think “outside the box”.  One of the first projects that was offered was a simple layout with the “keep it simple silly” approach.  Here are the instructions…

  • Take 3 cleansing breaths.  Stretch for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes
  • Go to your stash of photos
  • Pick out two or three snapshots that capture someone engaged in PLAY
  • Stick photos onto cardstock
  • Use a one-word title
  • Add some ribbon or doo-dads
  • Share the completed page with someone you love

I love how simple this is…now only if I could sit down and do this.  No, I don’t have a page to show you – I’m going to try this this weekend and hope you will too!   This will be hard for me – but I think it will allow me some freedom in my scrapbooking and I can definitely use that!


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