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Whoops!!! July 30, 2008

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July 29th…4 adults, 3 kids, 6 checked bags, 8 carry-on bags, 1 double-stroller, 2 flights, 5 hours of flight time, 4 hours in airports, 2 hours of driving time and a 3 hour time change from Washington.

When we were traveling home yesterday – a very long day I might add – I was thinking about different things that I could post.  Should I post how exhausting it is traveling with 3 small children and how other fliers are intolerable of fussy kids?  Should I post about Brooke who did not want to be on an airplane yesterday?  Should I post about the guy in first class who kept giving us the “eye” everytime Brooke would cry (which was too numerous to count)?  Should I post about being Thankful that my in-laws were traveling with us?  Should I post about the man who said “I hope they’re not sitting in the back” as we were getting in line to get on our last flight?  By the way, we were in the back and sat right behind that nice young fella.  Should I post about Kami and how she turns into a completely different child when she doesn’t get enough sleep?  Yes, I know I’m complaining, I do have something funny to tell…

It was about 11:00pm in Columbus (way past the girl’s bedtime) and we had hauled all our luggage out to the curb for our pick-up.  Hubby went to get the car so we were just hanging out.  My father-in-law decided to go to the restroom while we were waiting.  He left.  A minute later I decided to go as well  (remember – it’s 11:00 pm and we just returned from a day of traveling with 3 young kids.  I was completely out of it and just daydreaming – happy to be home).  I walked back through the airport doors and noticed my father-in-law walking in front of me.  I proceeded up the ramp looking at people as I passed by.  My father-in-law turned the corner, then I did.  Then he turned another corner and so did I.   I jolted when I noticed the urinals along the wall.  I was in the MEN’s restroom!!!   I froze as I saw my father-in-law stop at a urinal and start unzipping his pants.  Panic on my face!  I started shuffling my feet – he was starting to turn his head around.  I QUICKLY ducked back out of the restroom.   Oh my goodness – did he see me?  I went right next door to the WOMEN’s restroom.  When I came out, I wondered if he already went back to the curb.  I was hoping he didn’t.  I RAN back to the curb -hoping to make it before he did.  He was not there yet.  When he did come back out,  he didn’t say a word.  Phew…


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