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Girlfriends… July 21, 2008

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sex and the city

I had such a nice weekend hanging out with girlfriends.  On Saturday, I attended a crop with my friend Karen.  We had such a nice time chatting.  Hopefully you will see more of Karen hanging around here.  She’s a bit of a stamping expert (not to mention a great crafter) and I’ve asked her to post some tutorials on this blog.  She’s also going to do some classes for Jillibean Soup.  More to come from her!  Thank you Karen for all your inspiring words!! 

On Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to go to dinner and a movie (Sex and the City) with 5 other young ladies.  Thank you girls for a great evening!  We are all soooo busy that we have difficulty finding a time when all of us can get together.  When we do get together, it’s just a great time.  The movie was good too!  I’m not a huge SATC fan (although I could have been) but I really enjoyed it and it makes you want to reach out to your friends.  So send a hug to your girlfriends today!

Hug, Hug 🙂


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