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Fun Bits for the Last Week… July 21, 2008

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Fun bits for the week of July 14th…

* Birthdays and more birthdays…lots of pics to share…

We have an inflatable waterslide.  The kids enjoyed the water fun!  Kami went down a couple of times and then decided she had had enough. 

After she hit the water she would get up and clap for herself.

Another cute cake picture!

Brooke sharing her cake. 🙂

Kami asked for a fork to eat her cake.  She had her own smash cake but she wasn’t interested in smashing it.  She ate a couple of bites of frosting and was done.

It was a Mickey Mouse themed party so we had Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats!  Yum!

Our friend Megan enjoying the slide.

Our friend Kendall enjoying some cake.

*Leah enjoyed princess dance camp this past week.  She was in heaven! 

On the last day of camp, Leah’s family and friends were invited to a tea.  The camp instructor put makeup on the girls before their performance.  I know I’m biased, but I think she looks beautiful in this shot.  She’s so grown up!!  Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo. 😦

Leah’s friend Brooke also attended the camp.  Here they are doing a little dance for us.  Like I said, she was in heaven!

*  Brooke is still climbing on everything.  Here is a another pic of her in the rocking chair.  Everytime she gets up in the chair, she starts rocking.  She’s fallen a couple of times, but it hasn’t stopped her!

I’m sure there were funnies this week, but I just can’t remember any right now.  Too tired.


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