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Did you know I have a 30+ year old pillow? July 18, 2008

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I saw this on the msn home page today and it made me chuckle.  I have family members who see these articles or hear news reports about bed bugs or germs and immediately think of me and my pillow.  I have a 30+ year old pillow.  I’ve had it since I was 2 or so.  It’s my security blanket.  I know some of you are germiphobes (you know who you are) and would totally freak out if you saw the inside of my pillow. Please know I wash it occasionally.

I haven’t bothered to read the article yet…I really don’t want to.  I know it will tell me to throw out my pillow NOW!  It will tell me to BURN it and RUN as far away from it as I can!  But I can’t – I love my pillow.  It’s been my buddy through thick and thin.  It’s been around the world (literally – it’s been to China).  It’s been lost a couple of times and returned.  It also keeps me company when hubby is out of town.  Now, why would I want to replace it?