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Oh My July 16, 2008

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Leah had a friend over for a playdate today.  To entertain them, we set up our inflatable waterslide so they would have some water fun in this 90 degree weather.  About an hour into the fun, the playmate mentions they should pretend that their “boyfriends” are playing on the slide with them.  Leah decided her “boyfriend” would be called Andrew.  Both she and the playmate were pretending that the “boyfriends” were splashing them, pushing them down the slide and what appeared to be flirting with them.  Oh my, I thought to myself…I’m not ready for this!  Leah JUST TURNED 5!!  Should I lock her up and throw away the key?

By the way, I forgot to mention that Leah asked me if I had a “boyfriend” the other day.  I had no idea where this came from and when I didn’t answer right away, hubby stepped in and said “it’s taking you a long time to answer her”.  Ha!


Happy Birthday Baby Brooke!!

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Yep, if you’ve been reading my blog then you’re wondering…didn’t Kami just have a birthday?  Yes, she did.  Kami and Brooke are 367 days apart!  This makes things a little crazy around here!

Brooke (Brookie or Brookus as we like to call her) is 1 year old today.  She’s a sweetie with big cheeks and thighs.  Ever since she’s been mobile she’s been a happy baby!  These days she’s trying to get into everything and climb mountains (or rocking chairs anyhow).  The year has passed by so quickly!  It feels like she was born yesterday.


Love you cutie pie!