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Design Star July 13, 2008

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Anyone else a HGTV nut?  I am.  I love “Design Star” but it seems like the designers are a bit boring in their designs this year.  No one stands out to me – except for crazy lady Tracy.


Fun Bits from the week

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Fun bits from the week of July 7th:

  • Leah getting very upset when I stopped her from cleaning up a puzzle.  She’s quite a little perfectionist and she got so upset because she didn’t have enough time to get all the puzzle pieces put back together.  She reminds me of someone else I know. 😉
  • Kami is going to make such a good Mom.  She is obsessed with babies right now and carries them everywhere!  She’s always feeding them and changing their diapers.  Too cute!
  • Brooke is walking – with the help of a stroller. 

  • Leah calling me out on a conversation with a friend.  I was explaining that one day when I went through the Tim Horton’s drive thru (to get my bagel of course), the man working the window called Lily (our dog) ugly.  I was telling the friend that I think Lily is cute – not ugly!  Leah said “He didn’t say that, I think you’re making that up”.  Then we proceeded to argue about it. 
  • Hubby saying “why do people decide to have more children after the first one”.  This being said after a crazy dinner with 3 noisy little girls!
  • Leah suggesting we have 40 kids. Ha!
  • We enjoyed a birthday party for both Kami and Brooke on Saturday.  We had a lot of fun – thank you everyone for helping us celebrate!  More pics to come.
  • My first lot to stock arrived!