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Exercise or Bagel? July 11, 2008

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Hmmm…it’s 5:42am and I actually got up to go spinning today.  This is such a chore for me lately and has definitely been harder since having a 3rd child.  The class starts at 5:45 and Melissa (neighbor) and I usually leave around 5:20am to go claim our bikes.  This morning Melissa slept in (which I did on Wed and do so many other days).  So as I’m going out to my car and noticing that Melissa’s lights aren’t on (my cue that she’s not going) I’m still thinking about going back to bed.  I just don’t have the energy to do this.  It’s been a long week and I’ve stayed up several nights getting work done.  I know…excuses, excuses.  So, I finally convince myself to get in my vehicle and go.  I tell myself…I really need to go.  I really need to exercise.  It will help me feel better.  OK, so I’m driving to class.  I get part way there and have to stop and think about where I’m going.  For a split second, I couldn’t remember!  Jill, you’re tired, if you can’t remember where you’re going – you don’t have the energy to do this.  Quickly (I really didn’t think twice about it), I decide I don’t really want to do this today.  I’m dressed, I have my water bottle and my shoes and I’m almost at the rec center!  Nope, not going.  So, where do I go?  Oh, yeah, I can get a bagel at this hour (Tim Hortons are my favorite as most of you know).  Off to the bagel place.  2 bagels please.  I get one for hubby who has been up all night working on capital budget stuff.  I get home and hubby just looks at me.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Update: 7:00am…I just got on the scale.  I should have gone spinning!