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Big Picture Update July 9, 2008

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I’m having a good time with the class.  In case you haven’t heard, I’ve decided to take a “virtual” scrapbooking class.  It has been FUN (name of the class) and I’m getting some great ideas.  In fact, I tried to share one of them this evening but I’m having some technical difficulty.  Ugggh!  Our first project was a mini album.  I’m pleased with the way mine turned out and wanted to post some scanned pics but I can’t.  In order to get a good scan, the file size ends up being close to 30 MB.  I’ve tried different things to save it at a smaller resolution with no luck.  I’ll keep trying…want to share it with you! 

We’re also having some fun with non-scrapbooking stuff too!  More to come about “Wreck this Journal”!  Fun Fun!


Big Feet

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I caught Kami walking through the kitchen with my tennis shoes on.  She was giggling while walking.  Fun everyday at our house!