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Leah’s back from Iowa July 7, 2008

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It’s funny…Leah’s back from Iowa and suddenly my house just got a whole lot louder!  I never realized how much she talks and how she likes to instigate things with her sisters.  She was very tired from her early flight so just about everything was upsetting her.  At one point she picked a fight with Kami.  When Mom intervened and chose Kami’s side she stormed out of the room saying “Kami is mean and she’s really rude”.  Good thing she went upstairs to her room because I could not stop from laughing.


Fun Bits for the week…

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Fun bits for the week of June 30th:

* I’m so proud of Leah.  She practiced and practiced and can do a cartwheel now.  I just figured she would learn it at gymnastics or somewhere when she got a little older, but no, she was determined to learn how to do it NOW. 

I know…in a dress?!?!  The girl only wears dresses.

* The girls enjoyed the local 4th of July parade – even though it was raining.  All 3 enjoyed the music from the high school marching bands.  Kami was dancing on the side of the street and Brooke was bopping up and down in her stroller seat.

* Kami has been talking so much more.  Some of my favorites are “hup, Mom” (help, Mom), “tay” (OK), “bienty” (blankie),  and “chu-chew” (thank you).  She is so good about saying “thank you” for everything!  It just makes me smile!

* Brooke has started speaking more as well.  She has been saying the usual “Da Da”  and “Ma Ma” but the other night I asked her to say “night, night” and she said “nigh, nigh”.  So sweet!

* Kami, Brooke and I were hanging out this weekend while Eric and Leah were at a wedding in Iowa.  Saturday evening, we had just finished dinner and Kami wanted to watch a show.  I took Brooke out of her high chair and noticed that she still had blueberry stuck to her.  I set her down to take her pants off and of course she took off.  As I’m trying to clean up blueberry on our tan colored carpet, Kami is persistently saying ” wan a sew, wan a sew, wan a sew (want a show)”.  I proceeded to tell her in a loud voice that I needed to clean up things that she would have to wait a minute.  About 30 seconds later, I hear this little whisper “sew, sew, wan a sew”.  It still makes me chuckle.

* Since we are being more consistent about keeping the gates closed, Brooke has had to find other things to get into – now it’s dog food.  After getting into it – oh, 20+ times on Saturday, I picked her up and looked her in the face and said a stern “No”.  She looked at me and started shaking her head “no”.  What?!?!  Can you see me with 3 teenage girls in 13 years!

* Speaking of dog food (or dog water in this case)…Kami decided to mop our laundry room floor with her July 4th top and Lily’s (dog) water.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of that to share. 😦

* Kami giving Leah a big hug when she got home from Iowa.  Loved it! 

* I had my first press check last Thursday and my official first lot to stock was printed!  Yeah!