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Backyard Fun July 5, 2008

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Hubby has been traveling so much lately that it was so nice to have all of us together…outside…enjoying the fresh air as a family.  I notice when I take photos of kids, I tend to get down to their level.  Most of these shots were taken with me laying on the ground.  Yes, those are my pretty toes.  Stacy Julian (of Big Picture Scrapbooking) suggested one way to have FUN was to create some FUN flip flops to wear to our FUN class.  I didn’t take the time to make the flip flops (yes, I’m already the deadbeat in the class), but I did take a picture of my feet in my flops (notice I’m laying on the ground looking up at the sky).


Poor Kami’s just a little thing – she can’t keep her pants up!  Thanks for looking!


It’s the little things that make me smile…

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Having 3 little ones constantly keeps me on my toes but also offers so much fun and laughter in our house!  Miss Kami will turn 2 in 9 days!  I mentioned in an earlier post that Kami has become independent lately.  Besides wanting to buckle herself into her carseat and booster seat, she is also wanting to dress herself.  Today she put on these cute shoes – and yes, they’re backwards.  I love the shoes – they were purchased at the Hilton Head Walmart because Mom forgot Kami’s beach sandals. 😦  They remind me of clown shoes.  She has these tiny little legs and these shoes look so big!